About Cybersecurity DIVAS

Cybersecurity DIVAS was formed to recognize and promote influential women leaders who have worked their way to the top of a traditionally male-dominated industry. Built on the principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion, Cybersecurity DIVAS honors female leaders in cybersecurity with announcements and interviews to highlight their achievements. Our organization is composed of over 500+ multicultural female leaders who are devoted to helping other women succeed in the cybersecurity field.

Cybersecurity DIVAS helps others by educating and guiding Jr DIVAS in the making. Each year, we train and coach over 100+ Jr. DIVAS with the purpose of developing thought leaders and the next generation of leaders. A significant focus is on women who also may require assistance in the form of training, scholarships, and financial help.


Who are the Cybersecurity DIVAS?

They are Driven women who are Inspirational and Visionaries who have taken Action in Security.

D – Driven


 I – Inspirational


V – Visionary


A – Action


S – Security



Becoming a Cybersecurity DIVA

We look at the following criteria when approving someone as a Cybersecurity DIVA.

  1. Does this person have greater than 5 years of experience leading a security team?
  2. Is this person demonstrating a positive impact on the industry?
  3. Is this person mentoring others to improve their cybersecurity careers?
  4. Is this person influential in the industry (i.e. speaking engagements, articles, association participation, etc.)

If you know someone who meets these criteria, we would welcome your suggestions here:



Cybersecurity DIVAS is an organization created to empower women curently in cybersercurity and do welcome you with open arms.

Come become a part of our growing movment as we are growing to include more women just like you who are involved in cybersecurity industry.

We accept women of every natioanlity and creed as long as you share our  goal of empowing women who are ambitous if you feel like you are that woman we welcome you with open arms.

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Cybersecurity DIVAS: Focus, Plan, Contact Us 

Focus: To help women who are in Cyber security become a part of a growing empowerment Organization.

Plan: keep uplifting diversity in the world of cybersecurity

Contact Us: Reach out to us directly to join our growing community at our contact page or click on the link below

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