DIVA Round Table Forums

“Loved the conversation today. Got some great takeaways about what we are doing and where we are headed.”

We are building a network of trusted relationships between Cybersecurity DIVAS through moderated DIVA Round Table forums.

This is a excellent opportunity to learn best practices from your peers.  Discussions are confidential and focused on current security and industry challenges.

Round table are limited to 10 security executives meet once a month for (1) hour.   You will leave with new ideas on how to improve your security program and team!

An executive summary of the session is also provided after each forum.


  • Discussion is confidential.
  • No cross-talk or criticisms. Only positive comments allowed.
  • Focus on innovative ideas to solve the topic at hand.
  • No vendor sales pitches.
  • Moderated to keep the conversation flowing so everyone gives input.
  • (1) hour once a month.
  • Video on to build connection.

What leaders have said about our Security Leadership Round Table Forums:

“I like that you keep the groups relatively small. It allows us to each have input and also learn.”

“Reasonable and relevant. Good facilitation around the table to hear all voices too.”

If you want to join a DIVA Round Table, Contact Us.