Diversity in Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity Divas core mission is to help promote diversity across cybersecurity field. A diverse leadership team is key to setting the tone of a diverse workforce. By promoting women leaders we hope to encourage more women to choose a cybersecurity career path.

Cybersecurity Divas will be developing and publishing content to help create real diversity in the security industry. Diversity is a competitive advantage to both companies and individual teams. Here are a few articles to explore further.

Women bring a much-needed change in perspective to cybersecurity. 

The lack of women in cybersecurity leaves the online world at greater risk

Cybersecurity DIVAS is an organization created to empower women curently in cybersercurity and do welcome you with open arms.

Come become a part of our growing movment as we are growing to include more women just like you who are involved in cybersecurity industry.

We accept women of every natioanlity and creed as long as you share our  goal of empowing women who are ambitous if you feel like you are that woman we welcome you with open arms.

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Cybersecurity DIVAS: Focus, Plan, Contact Us 

Focus: To help women who are in Cyber security become a part of a growing empowerment Organization.

Plan: keep uplifting diversity in the world of cybersecurity

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