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UTSI Became one of our supporters to CyberSecurity

Cybersecurity DIVAS is excited to recognize UTSI International Corporation commitment to diversity and inclusion in cybersecurity with its donation to Cybersecurity DIVAS.

UTSI International Corporation provides system design, implementation, and project engineering services. The company specializes in SCADA systems, real-time modeling, and leak detection for oil and gas pipelines. UTSI has designed and implemented advanced telecommunication and control systems for several of the world’s leading energy and transmission logistics firms.

Their support is paving the way for mentorship, training, and certifications for Jr DIVAS.

Cybersecurity DIVAS is focused on closing the gender and diversity gap that defines our industry through groundbreaking mentorship and coaching for Jr. DIVAS, the next generation of thought leaders and rainmakers in cybersecurity.

If you or your company also share our values, visit to learn how you can join us in creating positive change.

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Randi Levin Hints to Future October Event For Cyber Security DIVAS

Cybersecurity DIVAS board member Randi Levin spoke at the UPS Women in Operations.
Business Resource Group “2022 Imagine You” conference, an organization headed by Trina Norman. In the photo with Randi Levin are UPS President Lou Rivieccio and Scott Bremerman.

Randi’s message resonated with both women and men at the event when she spoke about her struggles throughout her professional journey as a mother of two in a male-dominated field, to become the CIO at the City of Los Angeles and Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL.).


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