Amelia Estwick
National Cybersecurity Institute
Global Cybersecurity Director ♦ Senior Director & Information Security Leadership & Consultant
Biographical Info
Over 20 years experience in the INFOSEC/cybersecurity field with the Department of Defense (DoD)/National Security Agency (NSA). Competent and proficient program/project technical director and cybersecurity leader experienced in identifying and implementing solutions for safeguarding data and protecting network security postures. Cybersecurity Thought Leader, Computer Scientist, STEM Education/Tech Diversity Advocate, US Army Veteran, and Futurist. Experienced working in federal, defense, education, and academic settings. Throughout my career, I’ve been fortunate to work in positions where I can be of value to organizations that desire a strong cybersecurity posture and embrace a strategic vision as it relates to securing their networks and data (INFOSEC). Leads with integrity and shares knowledge. I believe one of the most important characteristics of leadership is integrity. I also believe the cross-pollination of knowledge is significant and helps individuals, organizations, and business sectors succeed and grow stronger.
District of Columbia