Claire Vishik
Intel Corporation
GMT CTO, Intel Fellow
Biographical Info
An expert in broad areas of cybersecurity, hardware, software, services, and networks, with the emphasis on security and (more recently) privacy and interest/experience in policies and regulations in Europe, US, and Asia. Areas of expertise include: Trusted Computing, blockchain, applied cryptography; privacy preserving protocols; ontologies and reasoning; machine learning, certification frameworks, and several other. Expertise in international collaboration and government funding of R&D as well as advocacy. Examples of advisory activities include: ENISA PSG (Permanent Stakeholders Group), NCLY participant/co-chair, TCG Board of Directors, ISF Council member, TDL Board of Directors. Advisor on multiple initiatives, e.g, CACE, PrimeLife, POSECCO, PUFFIN, ENDORSE, TAS3, TDL,CIRRUS, UK Royal Society Steering Group on Cybersecurity, FenTec, SafeCrypto, PQCrypto, HEAT, and many other. Specialties: Cyber-security, hardware security, secure services, commercial encryption, user and data privacy, privacy policy, secure & cryptographic protocols, trust, trust establishment, software security, network security, security assurance and certification, international regulatory environments and policy space, international advocacy, product strategy, technical strategy, policy, relationships, alliances, research leading to IP (patents), security in software and hardware, content protection, enterprise security & security strategy, Trusted Computing, M&A, due diligence, external academic collaboration, research strategy, government research funding, private-public partnerships.
Areas of Specialty
Information Technology and Services