Jennifer Ramsey
Activision Blizzard
Vice President, Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)
Biographical Info
Jennifer is Activision Blizzard’s global Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) responsible for leading Activision’s enterprise-wide information security risk management programs – with extensive C-level, Board of Directors and Audit Committee accountability. Jennifer has been globally responsible for Activision Blizzard’s information security function since October 2009. Jennifer has 15+ years’ experience successfully partnering with globally-distributed business and IT stakeholders to architect and lead complex business and technology transformation programs across global media and entertainment and mobile telephony organizations in the US, Europe and Asia. She has demonstrated expertise in information security, business and IT strategy, systems implementation, and complex data integration solutions. In addition, Jennifer has attained and maintains globally recognized information security certifications, namely – Certified Information Security Services Professional (CISSP) and Certified Information Security Manager (CISM). A graduate of Smith College, Jennifer is a recognized role model for professional women and is a strong advocate for the professional advancement and retention of girls and women in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) fields. Jennifer joined Activision Blizzard in October, 2009. From 2000 – 2009, she worked for Deloitte Consulting in the U.S. and Europe, after spending seven years at EDS (now HP) where she demonstrated her broad global communications industry, business and technology talents within the systems integration and communications markets.
Santa Monica