Kristy Edwards
Biographical Info
Product leader and security expert with passion for building solutions and teams in Cloud/SaaS, enterprise and mobile. I hold patents in database security and have been instrumental in the discovery of mobile advanced persistent threats (mAPT). Reporting into the c-suite (CPO, CISO, CTO), I’ve brought dozens of mobile, cloud, network & database security solutions to market. SKILLS: Delivering solutions in AWS-hosted multi-tenant cloud environments, and on Android and iOS. Building solutions for static and dynamic analysis, database, encryption, SSO, 2-factor authentication, RBAC, LDAP and PKI. Using RDBMS/SQL, Apache Lucene, ELK/elasticsearch, and applying machine learning to threat intelligence. BACKGROUND: At Lookout, I led Product for Security Intelligence. I managed 4 products — including the static and dynamic analysis engines and threat coverage — for 100 million+ customers. Previously, I built Infosec, Privacy & Risk Management teams and advised startups on strategies in product dev, security/privacy risk and cloud architecture. I was Product Manager for Oracle Advanced Security and Oracle Database security. Key accomplishments: • Built 3 security & privacy teams from the ground up • Lead role in discovery & protection against mobile advanced persistent threats (APT) on iOS & Android • Co-inventor of patents in database security • Led public policy discussions with policymakers in the US, Europe and Africa • Shaped strategies on cloud security, privacy, information use & protection • Speaker at: RSA, IAPP, Oracle Open World, Day of Shecurity, other events SPEAKING ENGAGEMENTS: Mobile threat landscape, mobile cyber kill-chain, privacy engineering, cloud security, quantifying risk, roadmaps & maturity models, EU data protection, de-identification, RDBMS security, Privacy by Design (PbD), and building great teams LANGUAGES: C, SQL, PL/SQL, Apache Lucene
Areas of Specialty
Computer Software