Lora Vaughn
Position title Senior Director, Security Operations
Biographical Info
I'm a passionate and creative cybersecurity executive with over a decade of hands-on technical experience in the field. Even though I'm no longer hands-on, I love to shoulder surf and bounce ideas around with the people doing the technical work. I learned the ropes of information security, as it was called at the time, at the Department of Defense and later transitioned that knowledge to the financial services industry. Since then I've done a little bit of everything in the field, from web filtering and anti-virus to incident response. With my technical background, I bring a broad base of security knowledge to my current role as CISO. I believe in transparency, authenticity and diversity to build and lead effective and successful teams.
Areas of Specialty
Application Development Security, Incident Response and Investigations a, Information Security Governance and Risk Management, Security Engineering and Architecture, Security Operations